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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Just call me Granny Grumpy

Just call me Granny Grumpy.  I’m the one who’s blunt and undiplomatic and prefers direct to obfuscated. I’m also the one, though not the only one I’m sure, who thinks language matters.  Hence, I’m the one who gets to share tidbits from the real world of reading.  The ones that annoy and infuriate, and before ereaders, resulted in books being flung across the room.  You know, the things that make you wonder about – well, about all those things Granny Kind and Granny PC don’t say out loud.   And, truthfully, mostly, neither does Granny Grumpy.  

For example –BDSM-themed stories apparently unaware ‘dominant’ is a noun, and ‘dominate’ is a verb and the difference matters.  Or books unaware there’s discreet and there’s discrete and the latter isn’t a typo with respect to the former.

Sure, they’re little things, and mostly simple and easily fixed.  Overlooking them is easy.  Trust me on that one.  I’ve written enough and edited enough to get that.  I’m usually good with that until I start seeing them in book after book after book.

Because, as I said, language really does matter and as authors it should really matter to us. Language is how we communicate, how we share.  Stories, believe it or not, tell and teach and shape and frame and reflect change.  They aren’t just entertainment.  That doesn’t mean they’re in your face, sharpened teaching tools meant to initiate wholesale change ala Louisa May Alcott.  It does mean stories, even genre fiction, even romances, are someone’s voice.  They’re your voice and your words.  And, in the great electronic backlist of ebooks, they’ll be around a while, maybe.

So maybe, knowing that, using your voice correctly, with intent, is worth a thought or two.

With that in mind, know the Grumpy Granny also hasn’t enough time lately to tap her cane on this soap box very often.  Usually, she’s off oohing over geeky things.  Online things.  Online things writers might use.  Like Lino – the online sticky site that is a storyboarder’s nirvana and includes a free option.

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