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Sharon Pickrel is an editor for several digital first publishers as well as a writing coach and instructor; and book reviewer.  Her editorial interests focus on Paranormal Romance; Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Urban Fantasy all with or without romance; Erotic Romance; Contemporary Fiction, Historicals and Regencies; and Romantic Suspense, Mysteries, and Thrillers.   She is particularly interested in romance written from the male POV.

Contact Sharon at  sharonsplace dot net.

Degreed in chemistry, in previous lives she told generals how to stay out of jail, and admonished MDs and Ph.Ds to the same end.  She has also worked as an marketing and proposal consultant, technical writer, a web designer, a secretary, an office manager, an archivist, a waitress, and newspaper girl. A co-founder of SavvyAuthors, she was also the Education and Blog Director until recently, when she left to pursue other goals. She remains committed to facilitating online education opportunities for authors.

A dragon devotee, she writes Sci Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal and Urban Fantasy – with or without romance.  She also writes romantic suspense and thrillers when the glow wears of the other stuff.  When not glued to the laptop – to the detriment of both her vision and all forms of housework – she reads and laments that she will surely never reach the end of the to-be-read pile, said pile made more architecturally sound due to her tech- geekdom and the ereader.  She cooks, collaborates with friends, works on two new webpage and ponders ways to decorate the cave she occupies. 

Updates are posted on Twitter,  Facebook,   Linkedln, and  Pinterest.  Her website, The Listeners, is a compilation of her totally unedited collaborative fiction, written before she discovered craft.  She is also constructing Sharon’s Place, a site dedicated to her own fiction and Words Done Well, where information about her story development and developmental editing services as well as other editorial, education, and one-on-one coaching and mentoring services may be found. 

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