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Story Development/Developmental Editing - Coaching and Mentoring with Editor Sharon Pickrel

January 13, 2014 - February 21, 2014
Conducted via Yahoo Loop, Skype and Private Email
Make this the year you kick your writing into overdrive and reach your publishing goals.  

About the Workshop

Did you finish Nano and are looking at the next step?  Did you struggle through Nano and need to finish the story?  Do you have a great story idea or an amazing character but that's all?  Are you stuck plotting?  Are your characters taking over in all the wrong ways? Are you at a loss for the next plot point?  Wandering in the middle with no way to the end in sight?  Need help with developing an editing plan for that first draft?  Then story development and developmental editing can help. 

Story development and developmental editing are about the story – developing and enhancing a story or fixing the one that went haywire.  It works for those who plot it all out and those who plot as they go and is applicable throughout the writing and editing process.

This isn't a class and there won't be any lectures.  Instead it will be all one-on-one mentoring and coaching, specific to you. 

What you need to bring to the table is the starting point, whatever that may be for you - an idea, notes, an outline, a draft.  From your starting point, we'll work together to develop a structure, a scene list, story question, theme, characters and GMC - whatever it is you need to get the story moving and finished,
In this 6-week workshop, beginning January 15th you'll receive one-on-one, private individual attention and solutions tailored to your writing process including:

Outlining, storyboarding and brainstorming help
Plot, character, scene and other worksheets
Full read of all your notes, outlines, worksheets and any drafts - full or
Written, detailed feedback and recommendations tailored to your needs and your story.
Unlimited access via email for brainstorming, coaching, specific questions and regular check-ins
Regular private online chats or Skype (schedule and time to be mutually agreed on).
Support developing a writing schedule and keeping it, including writing daily.
A writing companion for sprints so you aren't going it alone.
Prompts and other support to remind you of deadlines and regular check-ins to help keep you on track
Mini-lessons, articles, resources and recommended reading as appropriate.
A coach who listens, is with you every step of the way, honors your writing style and provides supportive, positive feedback.

We'll start on January 15th.  Class is limited to 10 students.  The manuscript read will not include line or copy edits though those are negotiable.

Cost:  $100
Contact  Sharon @ wordsdonewell dot net for further information and registration details.

About the Instructor

Sharon is a freelance editor for several digital first presses and a literary agent.  She is also a writing coach, book reviewer and writer.  Her editorial interests focus on Science Fiction, Paranormal Romance Fantasy/Urban Fantasy, Erotic Romance and Suspense/Mystery/Thriller - with or without romance.  She also works on contemporary and mainstream novels and novellas.  She is particularly interested in romance written from the male POV.
In previous lives, she told generals how to stay out of jail, and admonished MDs and Ph.Ds to the same end.  She has also worked as a marketing and proposal consultant, technical writer and editor, a web designer, a coal chemist, a secretary, an office manager, an archivist, a waitress, and newspaper girl.
She writes sci fi/space opera, fantasy, paranormal and urban fantasy – with or without romance.  She also writes romantic suspense and thrillers when the glow wears off the other stuff.  When not glued to the laptop – to the detriment of both her vision and the laundry – she reads and laments that she will surely never reach the end of the to-be-read pile, said pile made more architecturally sound due to the ereader.  She also cooks, collaborates with friends, works on a new webpage and ponders ways to decorate the cave she occupies.

You may find her on Twitter,   Facebook,   Linkedln,  and  Pinterest

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